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This is a picture of Kitadai crying when he won the medal. I can only imagine what he looked like when he dented it. Photo: Adrian Dennis/Getty Images.

The International Olympic Committee is replacing Brazilian judoka Felipe Kitadai’s bronze medal after the athlete dropped it in the shower and dented it:

Kitadai won a bronze medal in the 60-kilogram judo competition on Saturday in London and celebrated by taking it everywhere. The included the shower. He didn’t want to get the medal wet because, duh, only an idiot would bring his medal into the shower and let water get on it, so he bit it between his teeth. That’s when the purple strap snapped and caused the bronze disc to crash to the ground. It was left with a small dent.

Judo has a long history in Brazil, where it was introduced by Japanese immigrants. (Kitadai happens to be a Japanese surname.) Brazilian jiu-jitsu evolved from judo.