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cced the streets between us

The Streets Between Us

In Los Angeles, an organization I work with has a photography exhibition up at the Chinese American Museum. A number of Chinatown Community for Equitable Development supporters who live and/or grew up in Chinatown used disposable cameras to tell us about their lives and their neighborhood. The photographs are quite artful and the stories (accessible on your phone by dialing in or scanning the QR codes) are touching. The rest of the Chinese American Museum is also fantastic–their current exhibit on the history of Monterey Park (a nearby Chinese “ethnoburb”) fits nicely with CCED’s photography show.

Zero to Hero

In Melbourne, filmmaker Corrie Chen and comedian Lawrence Leung are seeking funds to produce a two-minute video for the Emily Needs Stem Cells campaign. Emily has Non-Hodgkin’s Primary Mediastinal Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and needs to find a stem cell donor of Asian descent.

We want to make a fun 70′s kung fu style clip that grabs the audience’s attention before alerting them to the facts of the low rate of stem cell donation among Asians. The film’s premise is that in real life you don’t have to know kung fu to save lives. To be a “hero” is as simple as getting a swab.

To make a donation, send a PayPal payment to by August 15.