Bánh mì (pork roll) shop in Melbourne. Photo by Phil Lees (Flickr/Creative Commons).

Bánh mì (pork roll) shop in Melbourne. Photo by Phil Lees (Flickr/Creative Commons).

Happy end of the weekend/beginning of the workweek, y’all! Here are some Asian food-related links from this past week. We have two foods going mainstream and one that is most definitely not:

Aussies love their bánh mì

Watch out for that awkward racialized bit of the video starting at 3:05!

Eyeballs: yum or yuck?

When she was little, Wang’s mom always saved the fish eyes just for her. So when relatives recently gathered at a Cantonese restaurant, Wang offered her mom the fish eyes as a special treat.

“Take that away,” her mom said. “Fish eyeballs are really gross.”

Wang then realized that what had seemed to be the selfless act of motherhood had been instead an act of self-protection.

Musings on barbecue pork buns from an American supermarket

We’ve all heard variations of that story, but I wonder when my son goes to elementary school will it be the same? Will all the kids want to eat the same traditional American lunch? Or will having something “authentic” (aka: ethnic) be not just socially acceptable but cool?

Bonus video: Al Jazeera interviews a Chinese shopkeeper in Buenos Aires. Read more about the Chinese in Argentina and their supermarkets.

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