Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a Pakistani fishmonger in London, became a musical sensation in the UK after his ditty about £1 fish went viral. Now he has a professionally produced song and video and has returned to his country of birth, where they welcomed him home like a celebrity.

He has returned to his home country to get a visa for France for the release of his hit song there and also has plans to take “One Pound Fish” to the United States, where he hopes it will make a big splash.

He traveled to Britain to study but eventually got a work permit and started working as a fishmonger in London nine months ago, he said. He now wants to pursue a career in music, but the fish stall in London will always hold a special place in his heart. “I can’t forget England, Queens Market, my fish stall because that place changed my whole life,” said Nazir.

Will Nazir transform Pakistan’s image in the West as Psy has done for South Korea? Or is that an apple to oranges question?

(As a side note, the fact that he had to go all the way back to Pakistan to get a visa to go across the English Channel says quite a bit about mobility restrictions for citizens of developing countries.)

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