Leftover women

Photo: anemoneprojectors (Peter O). Flickr/Creative Commons.

Over at Asian-Nation, I respond to Leta Hong Fincher’s piece in the New York Times about China’s “leftover women.”

A ridiculous quote from China’s state feminist agency that didn’t make it into the blog post:

Many highly educated “leftover women” are very progressive in their thinking and enjoy going to nightclubs to search for a one-night stand, or they become the mistress of a high official or rich man. It is only when they have lost their youth and are kicked out by the man, that they decide to look for a life partner. Therefore, most “leftover women” do not deserve our sympathy.

Asian women in the diaspora: what do you think of this “leftover women” business? Are your families pressuring you to get married? How do you deal with that? Please tell us in the comments.

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