The stigma of immigrant languages

Photo by Lulu Vision (Flickr/Creative Commons).

I wrote a post over at Asian-Nation about the stigma of immigrant languages. How many of you have been embarrassed to speak your heritage language in front of English speakers (or speakers of whatever is the dominant language in the country where you live)? Let me know!

  1. I’m from Australia.

    In my playground days, non-Asian children would ask me to say something in my dialect, I’d speak, then they’d be easily impressed and say how fast it sounds. All I said was that, “I hate it when you ask me to say something in Hakka.”
    They wished they could speak another language, and so made me feel like a freak because I could.

    Hakka, according to dear, non-Asian friends say that it sounds less aggressive than Cantonese, and more pleasant than Mandarin.

    I find it more embarrassing when Hakka people ask me to say something.

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