Asian McFoods taking over German-speaking Europe

First there was racist McBoba in Germany. Now there’s McNoodles in Austria:

VIENNA, Sept 17 (Reuters) – McDonald’s Corp, the world’s number one hamburger chain, will launch two noodle offerings in Austria this week in a world premiere to test consumer demand for the Asian dish, it said on Monday.

(Really, Reuters? Non-Asian cultures don’t make noodles?)

The meals feature noodles with vegetables, chicken, salad and either sweet-and-sour or curry sauce, and will cost around 4.99 euros ($6.56).

The company said it hoped to tap a trend toward noodle dishes and show off its ability to innovate by launching the products, which it will import from Thailand.

  1. R.R.

    Is mcdonald’s just trying to capitalize on the success of hybrid thai and vietnamese restaurants in europe?

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