Ching-He Huang’s bacon and egg fried rice

No, The Plaid Bag Connection has not become a food blog.

I bring up Ching-He Huang‘s bacon and egg fried rice because

  1. Bacon makes everything better.
  2. Huang has a really interesting biography: her family moved from Taiwan to South Africa to England, where she is now an entrepreneur and TV personality.

From her bio:

At the age of five, my family and I emigrated to South Africa and I was exposed to a wholly different diet and climate. My older brother and I were the only Chinese children at school and every lunchtime, we caused quite a curious stir with my mum’s packed lunches of stir-fried rice and vegetables with dried meat powder and cucumber pickle with chilli or mustard leaves’ pickle.

When I was eleven my family moved again, this time arriving in London. In my early teens, my parents were so involved in running their business and trying to setup a life for us here in the U.K., mum was frequently abroad, so I was in charge of cooking the family meals. Mum taught me the basic philosophy behind Chinese cuisine — the emphasis on balancing yin and yang through ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ ingredients — but I was left to improvise by myself. Soon I learnt everything from making bamboo-leaf parcels of glutinous rice to simple, nutritious stir-fried rice dishes and noodle soups.

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