Okay to be Takei? Not for Manny Pacquiao

George Takei as Sulu. Artwork by Deborah Enrile Lao.

Manny Pacquiao caused quite a stir this week when he said he was against gay marriage and homosexuality in general. BigWowo found the headline on the LA Weekly article unfair, since Pacquiao did not actually say that he wanted gays put to death; he was merely quoting from the Bible. That said, the clarification does not excuse Pacquiao from his stance.

In tangentially related news this week, Hyphen Magazine is featuring actor, comedian, LGBT activist, and all-around awesome person George Takei on the cover of its 25th issue. Deborah Enrile Lao has made some great posters featuring Asian American male role models, including Takei and Jeremy Lin. (Pacquiao is not included.)

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