Two very different videos to start us off today:
Little Dragon Tales: classic Chinese children’s songs with a modern twist – angry asian man

British woman on tram complains about ethnic minorities

An Open Letter To Yelp Reviewers of Vietnamese Restaurants – Orange County Register

1. Please stop with the dog jokes.
Not funny anymore. Not that it ever was. Seriously.
​”What do you call a man walking a dog in Garden Grove?” “A vegetarian.” Oh, how droll. Did you think that up all by yourself, or did it come from a time capsule from thirty-plus years ago, when ignorant jokes about Vietnamese refugees were all the rage? If the meat was poor quality, say so in your Yelp review, but don’t intimate that it might have died with a woof instead of a moo. It’s a tired stereotype, and it just makes you look bigoted and stupid when you say it. No Vietnamese restaurant in California serves dog meat. Get over it.

Get Anna May Wong on public TV

My one-hour documentary, Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words, shows how Anna May Wong (1905-1961) became an artist, a world figure and an activist in spite of the prejudices of her time. It had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival and has been in four American and Canadian festivals. Right from the beginning I wanted this documentary to reach a wider audience, especially young Asian Americans and other minorities, to inspire them to have a dream and to follow it the way Anna did. One of the film’s funders, the Center for Asian American Media, will distribute it to public television stations. But first I have to buy the broadcast rights to footage I use from Anna May Wong’s films. Paying for rights, and for the insurance PBS requires, will cost me $20,000. If I can’t raise that money the film won’t reach a national audience.

It’s Confirmed – Desis Are Growing

One of the largest findings is that South Asians are the fastest growing Asian American community; the Indian population is at 3,183,063; the Pakistani population is at 409,163; Bangladeshi population at 147,300; Nepalese population at 59,490; Sri Lankan population at 45,381; and Bhutanese population at 19,439. That brings the South Asian American population close to 4 million with an exact total of 3,863,836 people. The Bangladeshi and Pakistani population literally doubled between 2000 and 2010.

New Zealand
Fate of Labour’s only Chinese member hangs in the balance – New Zealand Herald

Mr Huo said Labour would be going back to the drawing board to see where it went wrong with the ethnic vote, and that the party was “committed to connect with them in time for the next election”.

“But it is critical that [we] continue to have diverse ethnic representation in Parliament.”

Should Mr Huo not make it back to Parliament, Labour will be left with just Indo-Fijian Rajen Prasad as its sole Asian MP.

Matan a un comerciante chino a la salida de un restorán de Belgrano (Chinese shopkeeper killed upon exiting restaurant in Belgrano) – Clarín

Todo indica que se trató de un ajuste de cuentas o una venganza de la llamada “mafia china” . Y como ocurrió en muchos otros casos durante este último tiempo –sobre todo en los ataques en supermercados–, los sicarios que actuaron en el crimen habrían sido mano de obra local. En la noche del lunes, alrededor de las once, un joven de nacionalidad china fue asesinado de al menos tres disparos cuando salía de comer con amigos de un restorán chino de Monroe y Montañeses, en pleno barrio de Belgrano.

Translation: All signs point to the settling a grudge, perhaps vengeance from the so-called “Chinese mafia.” And as in many other recent cases–most notably the attacks in Chinese-owned supermarkets–the hitmen were Argentines. On Monday night, around 11PM, a young Chinese national was killed with at least 3 shots when he left a Chinese restaurant on the corner of Monroe and Montañeses, having dined there with friends.[That corner is in the middle of Buenos Aires Chinatown, which is embedded in the upper-middle-class, largely residential neighborhood of Belgrano.]

I did field research in the Chinatown in Buenos Aires (more on that as I get more time to write) so I’m always on the lookout for news regarding that community. Recently there has been a large number of murders of Chinese immigrants in the country, which the local media often attribute to the “Chinese mafia.” One of the more high profile cases was the murder of He Xin Chao (何欣超), a supermarket owner in the city of Mar del Plata.

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