Earlier today I came across a list of books by queer authors of color (“queer” and “of color” as used in progressive circles in the US). The author of the list admits that it skews Afro-American and Anglophone (and, I would add, North American) but there are a number of Asian and Pacific Islander diasporic authors on it:

The list also includes Yukio Mishima‘s Confessions of a Mask, but since he appears to have lived in Japan all of his life I don’t think he can be classified as an author of color in the US sense. Also, since the list only includes authors who self-identify as queer/LGBT, it does not include books on queer/LGBT themes by authors who don’t identify this way; Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt would be a great addition if this list were extended.

If you have any books by/about diasporic Asians to add to the list, please let me know in the comments!

Update 12/4/11 - I reviewed Benjamin Law’s The Family Law, which definitely belongs on this list (though it’s only available in Australia at the moment).

  1. Thanks to Miyuki of Asian, Gay and Proud for spreading this list around!

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